Aaron Cage - Aaron Cage

| Admin | April 12, 2014

Bound, hairy and muscled jock Aaron Cage is tied in a hog-tie on the floor in his cut offs and COLT Tank. His meaty uncut cock flops out of his short shorts as he rolls around on our studio floor. His tank top gets ripped open revealing his massive hairy chest. Next we suspend him from the ceiling in a standing position in a leather shoulder harness and head cage. He is unable to reach his cock, but he struggles as hard as he can to break free. Will he ever be able to bust loose and jerk off like he desperately desires to?

Jacob Griffin

| Admin | April 08, 2014

Accounting Major Jacob Griffin is here to add to his "cash flow." This straight student has never been with a guy; girls are his thing. At 5'4" and 130, he's small, but packing nicely. As a newbie, I'll have him do a solo and then get him back with possibly, Andrew. Jacob's a bit of a horn-dog, jacking off up to three times a day. While he does his thing, the porn I picked seems to be working fast; Jacob strips down and keeps on tugging. Stretched out and erect, his short frame contrasts well with his cut cock and happy trail. I imagine Andrew will be very happy with this boy. "Helping" Jacob out, his cock feels great, and reacts well to another hand; I'm just checking that he won't freak out; it's part of my job and one of the perks. Taking back over, Jacob really knows what turns him on and doesn't mind showing us; the legs go up and his furry pink hole looks inviting. His fuzzy balls and very stiff cock pulsate to the slightest touch. Jacob gives an "oh yeah" and goes faster. Using both hands, encasing his cock much like a vagina, he doesn't go too much longer. With a bit of spit and a "fuck yeah," Jacob releases and gasps. This straight boy is about to make Andrew very happy.

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Jay Sinister NYC

| Admin | April 07, 2014

Damn, this "dirty little whore," is definitely a Brooklyn boy with that thick accent. Jay Sinister is very up front about how he spends his time as a male escort. Serving mostly straight guys, Jay's main goal is discretion; they like to explore sucking and fucking, but discretely. He also does a lot of role playing and fantasy play. As a Straight Rent Boy, he is up for some fun and willing to do a solo today, to advertise just how "dirty" he can be. Jay starts to strip and reveal his love for tattoos, as well as a body that is built to please. Sitting back and getting hard, Jay has some "big ass balls;" he says, "thank you," and keeps on stroking. He does know what he likes and is not shy about showing it; for a bit of money, he's also willing to share it. Legs spread, he jerks and fingers himself; Jay's hairy hole really could use a "companion." I can tell he's close as he starts pumping his hips while he tugs. Once the "lava" starts flowing, he does go for a bit; his hell-a-load slides down his shaft and all over his hand. Wanting to explore your "natural nature?" Jay is up for rent and seeking a "consenting adult straight guy."

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Post Game Analysis - Hans Fucks Steven - Hans Berlin -amp; Steven Ponce

| Admin | April 06, 2014

Steven loved being dominated so much he wants to do it again

Hans Berlin Fucks Steven Ponce - Hans Berlin -amp; Steven Ponce

| Admin | April 05, 2014

Bound jock Steven Ponce is tied to a bed frame with his legs high up in the air. German, uncut top Hans Berlin enters and starts teasing the red head's hole. After getting his dick sucked and rimming Steven's hole nice and clean, Hans rams his hard uncut cock into Steven's ass and pounds the boy hard! He keeps fucking the bound jock until he can't take it anymore and shoots his load into the boy's face!

Steven Ponce - Dildo - Steven Ponce

| Admin | March 29, 2014

Bound jock Steven Ponce has his wrists tied to his ankles and is rolling around the floor. There is a round opening built into his bike shorts right where his pretty, pink butt-hole is and it's just begging to be filled. He finds a dildo and lubes it up with his spit and tries to stuff it into his own hungry hole. However, with his hands tied he can't quite fit it all in. We show mercy on him and untie him so he can finally fill his hole the way he likes while jacking off on to his milky white chest.

Post Game Analysis - Steven - Steven Ponce

| Admin | March 29, 2014

Steven talks about the difficulties of cumming while tied up

Hans Berlin Dominates Steven Ponce - Hans Berlin -amp; Steven Ponce

| Admin | March 22, 2014

Bound jock Steven Ponce has been bad and tied up in the locker room with his hands cinched behind his back and towards the ceiling. German born Hans Berlin enters and starts to abuse the fiery red head. Hans twists Steven nipples till he screams and spanks Steven's milky white ass until it's red. Then Hans force feeds his huge uncut cock to a very willing and eager Steven.

Niko Reeves - Niko Reeves

| Admin | March 15, 2014

Bound Jock Niko Reeves is a very flexible and talented boy. In a bright orange swimsuit he is able to hold a bondage position while doing the full splits! When he finally tires out and is unable to hold this pose any longer, we reward him by tying his ankles to his thighs and let him stroke his own cock until he cums all over his smooth Asian chest.

Max Cameron Tops Connor Patricks - Connor Patricks -amp; Max Cameron

| Admin | March 09, 2014

Bound jock Connor Patricks is bound to the weight bench with his bubble butt sticking up in the air. Max Cameron enters the room and makes the bound jock suck his dick until it is nice and wet with pre-cum. Max then walks behind Connor and starts to ravage the boy-bottom's hole. He fucks Connor deep and hard until he explodes. Of course, he makes the bottom jock lick his dick clean before leaving him there wanting more...

Post Game Analysis - Max Tops Connor - Connor Patricks -amp; Max Cameron

| Admin | March 08, 2014

Max raves about how much he loves Connor's tight hole

Zip Snare Slip Knot

| Admin | March 07, 2014

Learn along with Mr. Kristofer as he ties his bottom's wrist

Post Game Analysis - Connor Patricks - Connor Patricks

| Admin | March 01, 2014

Connor Patricks chats it up while Mr. Kristofer unties him

Connor Patricks - Connor Patricks

| Admin | February 28, 2014

Bound jock Connor Patricks has his mouth tightly taped gagged while bound in the middle of the room. His cock and balls are cinched back to his hands which are trussed high up his back and to the ceiling. He struggles to break free, but the more he struggles the harder and hornier he gets. Finally he can't take it anymore and has to shoot his load all over the floor without ever touching himself!

Post Game Analysis - Max And Connor - Connor Patricks -amp; Max Cameron

| Admin | February 23, 2014

Believe it or not, Max had never been tied up in his life!

Max Cameron And Connor Patricks - Connor Patricks -amp; Max Cameron

| Admin | February 21, 2014

Bound Jocks Max Cameron and Connor Patricks are helplessly tied and blindfolded on the floor laying side by side. They squirm around searching for the other trying to get themselves untied. In the process they discover each other's raging boners instead. Connor is the first to get untied and fully takes advantage of Max's helplessness to get his cock some much needed service!

Jimmy Pops & Locks Onto Geo's Cock

| Admin | February 18, 2014

Now it's Geo's turn; Geo has a cock that does demand attention. Jimmy starts off well and slobbers it all up. "Wow," is Jimmy's comment as he tries to deep throat it; Geo's appreciating the feeling, but not the "nut crunch." Moving back to his cock, we have to stop and towel up Geo, either that or water wings. Ready to go again, it seems that Jimmy has had quite a few blow jobs and knows what he likes; now he just has to do it to Geo. Using his hand and mouth, both boys seemed pleased; Geo likes the "Bluetooth" hands-free way Jimmy is going. Up on his knees, I film around the "dark side" of Jimmy, just for future references, of course. As Jimmy "pops and locks" onto Geo's cock, Geo begins to moan and redden; he sits up to enjoy the view, and Jimmy's long hair. Bouncing Jimmy's head up and down, Geo then jerk his load out and plasters it onto Jimmy's cheek; shit, is that Elmer's Glue? With the cream firmly in place, Jimmy continues to suck the shaft; hope he's not waiting for me to say stop. Eddie and Geo figure a good fuck is now in order, but I think Jimmy's had enough, for now.

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| Admin | February 18, 2014

We've got these two straight boys here to, as Geo puts it, "once the money is there, everything is negotiable." Telling Jimmy he's bottoming today, he looks at me and freezes; seems that, for today, he's happy doing just enough to pay half his rent. Geo's down for a $400 play date and the two strip down to their underwear. With a little side-by-side measurement, Geo is not only taller, he's a few inches more than Jimmy, who does seem to like looking and touching another dick. After a bit of "swordplay," Jimmy lies down to accommodate Geo's mouth. With his warm, wet mouth, Geo latches onto Jimmy's dick and licks away; Jimmy responds with some moaning and excitement. Licking Jimmy's balls, Geo doesn't "miss an inch" of fun. Shit, I can't tell if Jimmy's really horned up by another guy, or just doing his best "porn voice;" either way, once Jimmy starts squirming and thrusting his hips, Geo jerks until Jimmy blows. Watch Geo's dick, seems like someone else is "rising" to the occasion as well. Within a few more tugs, Jimmy spews globs of cream onto his happy trail. I think we can all agree, a jizzed on happy trail always makes for a good tale.

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Andrew Markus Wants To Be Fucked

| Admin | February 17, 2014

Andrew Markus, 20, 5'11" is gay; aren't we all?! Anyway, he's actually AJ's cousin and wanted to "cum" here to have a straight guy fuck him. No such luck today; the guy I hired flaked, but Andrew can make good use of our time and get naked, not a bad deal. When discussing the couple of straight guys he has had, seems like Andrew knows what he likes, "straight guys just take charge and know how to fuck." My, I'm getting a bit of a "chubby" as he plays out the encounters for us. Stripping down, he does have the same build as AJ: toned, twink, smooth, and a well put together package. Today I'll have him jerk, then come back for more; I always keep a handy list of straight "go to" guys. Lubed up and stretched out on the couch, Andrew tugs and moans as he focuses on his own pleasure; I can't help but notice, he actually masturbates like AJ too. I'm really liking his body; as he starts to breathe heavier, his legs spread wide and he fingers himself. I always love a "self-starter" and Andrew is a very cute guy; his ass is nice and perky with just a bit of bounce to it. Getting closer, he plunges his finger back in and "fucks" himself very nicely. With a "last gasp," Andrew blows is creamy load all over his hand. Seeing if he'll want to come back to have a straight guy fuck him, Andrew gives me a wide-eyed "yes." Ah, the things I do for these boys!

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Straight Money Boys

Devon Hunter - Devon Hunter

| Admin | February 15, 2014

Devon Hunter is swimming laps in the pool on a warm summer day. After he lays down to take a nap and dry himself off in the sun; he wakes up to find himself hog tied on a white leather couch. He squirms around trying to get untied. His wet underwear is removed exposing his giant, throbbing cock which is fully hard and tied to his wrists with rope. He tugs and pulls causing his hard cock to bob up and down on his hard abs. Finally the bound jock is able to break free and stroke his cock until he cums!

Post Game Analysis - Dirk Caber Flogs Leo Forte - Dirk Caber -amp; Leo Forte

| Admin | February 09, 2014

Leo talks about sensations & shows off his custom-made whip

Over The Head Chest Harness

| Admin | February 08, 2014

Learn how to tie your lover's hands over his head with ease

Dirk Caber Flogs Leo Forte - Dirk Caber -amp; Leo Forte

| Admin | February 08, 2014

The tables are turned and now Dirk Caber gets to take the flogger to Leo Forte's bare back. Leo's arms are stretched to the ceiling, but anchored to his balls. This means every time he moves his arms he yanks on his balls as Dirk begins to wail on his back with the flogger. Dirk beats Leo's back nice and hard until he takes mercy on the bound jock and releases his arms so he can fall to his knees. Dirk makes Leo suck his dick until he explodes all over the beaten jock's face!

Post Game Analysis - Jimmy Tops Dominic - Dominic Pacifico -amp; Jimmy Durano

| Admin | February 01, 2014

Dominic says how he loves getting his balls sore & purple

Leo Forte - Leo Forte

| Admin | February 01, 2014

We gave bound jock Leo Forte a bondage escape challenge... How long will it take him to escape from our hogtie? Being the escape artist that he is - it turns out not very long at all! He turns, twists, and contorts his body until he has loosens every knot and wiggles free. Once free he has something new he wants to try -- autoerotic asphyxiation! Done safely and with him in total control, he ties his ankles together, gets up on his knees and uses the remaining rope to wrap around the front of his neck and back down to his ankles. This allows him to control the exact amount of pressure he wants to restrict his air supply as he jacks off. The more he leans forward the less air he gets causing him to have one of the most explosive and mind blowing orgasms he has ever had. Make sure you watch the post-game analysis as well to hear how this felt to him and how he did it safely to give him total self-pleasure! *WE DO NOT RECOMMEND THIS TYPE OF SEXUAL BEHAVIOR TO ANYONE -- THIS WAS MONITORED AND CREATED AS A FANTASY ONLY. DO NOT TRY THIS ALONE OR AT HOME.

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